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Our company has been involved in personnel marketing programs since 1990. In early 2000 it became clear that in order to secure employment positions for a large segment of qualified and unemployed candidates, a more specific type of recruitment procedures have to be developed.

With an ever-increasing online work in most segments in today's society, it is obvious that the only real way to get a job today for a job seeker is to get exposure of their CVs via digital / online methods.

Our team of marketing specialists will ensure that your qualifications are viewed by the correct employers in the selected countries. As soon as you are in our system, you will be receiving employers interviews that will result in a new job allocation for you.

Due to the fact that all employers interviews are done by means of WhatsApp, Viber or Skype, it is advisable that you have these 3 communication platforms loaded on your phone.

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Candidate pre-placement screening

Please Note

Due to the current world trend involving CV and certification enhancement, most overseas companies are requesting a pre-placement screening of each candidate before they interview and employ new candidate.

Pre-placement administration fees may be applicable for placements in the below-mentioned  regions. Some employers sponsor the screening cost, others don't. That is the current world-trend.

We recommend each candidate to proceed with the pre-placement screening as this will guarantee the placement interviews and employment allocation. Refusal to participate in the background check is considered by the employers as suspect and further placement procedures are usually rejected by the employers.

Countries requiring job seeker background check are: All EU states, UK, USA, CA, UAE, NZ

You placement application will consist of the following procedures.

1.Pre-placement screening

2.Work allocation, interview preparation, work visa application, and processing


( pre-placement screening )

As a job seeker, you will undergo a background check during the hiring process. Think of it generally as a verification or confirmation process of information that you have already provided to the employer or the agents about you.

A background check helps ensure that the information you’ve provided to your potential employer is accurate so that they can determine if you are a good fit for the position.

Why do employers do background checks

Employers generally do not assume that people applying for jobs are lying on their resumes and job applications – quite the contrary.

The background check is taken by employers to help ensure a sound hiring decision and protect the employer from a number of potential risks.

Job Competence

For many employers, a background check is a reliable way of verifying claims made by job seekers during the hiring process. With a tight employment market, the appeal of overstating educational qualifications or enhancing job histories, for example, can grow.

As a future employee, wouldn’t you feel more assured in knowing that your co-workers have been screened to help ensure they are qualified for the jobs they hold?


Workplace Safety

Employers face certain responsibilities for their employees’ welfare, as well as for the safety of customers, vendors and visitors.

For example, if an employer hires someone who harms another employee, the employer may face claims for negligent hiring if, for example, the employer had reasonable cause to believe that the employee might be dangerous to others or the employer failed to conduct a reasonable investigation to discover whether the employee is unfit for the position or may cause harm to others.

Workplace Theft

Employers know that most business theft today is performed by insiders. A background check can help employers to make intelligent and informed hiring decisions to help reduce their risk of theft.

Honesty and Integrity

A confirmed misstatement or fabrication made by a candidate during the hiring process often is enough for an employer to question the candidate’s honesty or integrity and potentially disqualify them from a job.

To see the importance to employers of confirming candidate credentials, look no further than the very public examples of CEOs and high-profile professors and coaches that embellished their credentials, only to cause harm to the reputation of the employers that failed to conduct a (or a sufficient) background check on them.

The Bottom Line

Organizational reputations have always been a great concern to employers, as the most highly regarded organizations generally are able to attract the best-qualified workers.

Background checks help employers safeguard their reputations by creating safer, more secure work environments staffed by qualified employees.

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