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About us
Our company has been involved in marketing programs since 1990. In early 1999 it became clear that in order to secure employment positions for a large segment of qualified and unemployed candidates, a more specific type of recruitment procedures have to be developed. With an ever increasing online work in most segments in today's society, it is obvious that the only real way to get a job today for a job seeker, is to get exposure of their CVs via digital/online methods.

In order to work abroad, the candidate will need a work permit. To have work permit granted, you need a written job offer from the employers. To receive a job offer from the overseas employers, you need to attend  overseas employers interviews. And this is where we come in, our company arranges the most important part of the placement - the overseas employers online interviews. Once you successfully done the online interviews with the employers, you will receive a job offer from them. You then apply for the work permit. Work permit is then usually granted quickly.

Biased views on job placements overseas
It is important to understand that when applying for a job, there are 100s of candidates who have the same or similar qualifications and work experience. This means that the job seeker will compete with others for the position.  

How we work
Our company fulfills the role of a middle man, but between the Job Seeker and Recruiter. Personnel Marketing Job portals provide a platform whereby Job Seekers market their skills and Recruiters search to find them. Our company veers away from the detailed screening and placement of candidates and rather facilitate the interaction between Recruiters and candidates.
However, at times, we may request a pre-placement assessment of some candidates before placement is finalized. Many Job Seekers understand this function to be different to what it really is and anticipate a Personnel Marketing Job portal to provide the same function to that of a Recruiter. Our company does not partake in detailed screening, interviewing or placement of Job Seekers. Instead, we facilitate this process and enable Recruiters to search candidate databases and in turn allow for the initial interaction between each party.
Providing on-line application functionality, Job Seekers manage their own career portfolio on our portal and opt in by selecting to apply to and proceed with the recruitment process as it ordinarily would take place.
Our company should not be confused with that of a recruiter or a head-hunter, but rather as a facilitator in the coming together of each party and aiding the process of candidate application and recruiter selection and placement. To speed up the placement process, our company receives inquiries from numerous clients from various call centers in different countries and regions. Some companies have their own call center facilities for interested job seekers to visit and obtain more detailed information about job placement procedures, work permits, accommodation and relocation advice, etc.

How we assist you 
Our marketing promotional procedures involve actively marketing your profile with various contracted employers and companies. In addition, we place your profile on employer websites and running adverts for you in magazines and newspapers in the target countries.

Job shortage
There is a huge shortage of jobs globally. More than 200 million people are unemployed (2013) according to the ILO (International Labor Organization) and hence the only real way to get a job today for a job seekers to get exposure of their CVs via digital/on-line methods. Recruiting the best candidates is critical to any company's success today and many exciting tools have been created to help companies/recruiters find and source the key talent, however choosing the most suitable tool to meet an organization's specific needs can become a tricky and time consuming job for employers.

There are lots of options to source candidates these days - either through social media, or different job boards, referrals, agencies or with the help of ATS systems. There are more devices connected to the Internet than there are people, 40% of people interact/socialize more on-line than they do face-to-face, 100 000 tweets are sent, 2 million queries are searched on Google and 684 478 pieces of content are shared on Facebook every minute. Therefore, through social media, employers can reach candidates faster and at a lower cost as opposed to employment/recruitment agencies.

Employers search for candidates
To date, more than 16 000 companies pay to use on-line search system to search for talent. It's a bit like a two-way mirror where companies and recruiters can secretly see all profile information. The list includes big names like Google, Facebook, Unilever, BP, and L'Oreal, with thousands of other large, medium and small business and recruiting firms. On-line systems already offers several unique features that are incredibly hard for companies to build or find elsewhere: a giant data set of more than 200 million users and growing, a way to engage passive employees, and the ability to build career branding around a company.

The problem we solve
Employers call today's job market a War for Talent. It signals a change in the way they hire. Employers are no longer making offers to people who can do the job. They are looking for those who will do more and can prove it. Qualifications and work experience are not sufficient to secure a position. Work demand far exceeds available positions and general recruitment agencies are overloaded with job applications. Recruiters' workload has now reached monumental levels. Employers have hired fewer recruiters than at any time in decades, and they're working on 4.4 million or more open jobs. It's no longer uncommon for a single recruiter to be assigned dozens of open positions at the same time.

How long the employers view your CV
On average, a recruiter will spend about six seconds reviewing an applicant's CV. Applying for a new placement via a regular recruitment company has become a viable proposition for the select few. According to the latest research figures, only 3% of candidate's CVs are viewed by employers. It is a very cut throat, crowded and competitive environment and does not accommodate our current target market.

How we solve this problem
Due to our unique Personnel Marketing Concept, we assist this segment of the population by making them more marketable via CV preparation and submission, completing applications and linking them with international companies.

In conclusion, our company is not an employment agency or recruitment firm. We are Personnel Marketing Specialists with a passion to assist "lost in the system" job seekers. We offer a valuable service. We market candidates CVs to international companies, thereby affording candidates to broader career opportunities.

Needless to say, our company guarantees our service as we work with client's profile until we secure a placement for him.

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