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What NOT to do during your interviews with employers (some points are not applicable to online interviews)

When you invited for a preplacement interview with our consultants be it in your own country or with the employer, here are some important recommendations. If you follow these few simple rules, your interviews will go well.


Showing up late or too early – Naturally, showing up late creates a bad impression, but few people realize that showing up more than 10 minutes early also does not put the interviewee in a good light. It tells the employer that you have way too much time on your hands… Your time is as valuable as the interviewer’s, so just be on time.


Poor handshake – People can tell a lot about your personality, simply by your handshake. For example, a limp hand gives the impression of disinterest or weakness; only the tips of the fingers show a lack of ability to engage and a strong arm pump shows that you are overly aggressive. Your handshake is your first opportunity to create a good first impression on your employer. Why not get your friends to judge yours, and make sure it’s great?


Treating the receptionist rudely – The receptionist is the first person you will meet and the chances of the interviewer soliciting his/her opinion of you after you leave, is good.


Talking too much – It creates the impression that you are nervous. To avoid over-talking, use role-playing to practice answering questions in a direct manner.


Speaking negatively of current or past employers - The fastest way to talk yourself out of a new job is to say negative things. Even if your previous working conditions or boss were terrible, don’t speak about it. The interviewer will assume you will do the same to him/ her. If you need to talk about your challenges in your current or past job, practice putting a positive spin on it beforehand.


Asking about benefits, vacation time or salary – Do not ask about the benefits, vacation time or salary right at the beggining of the interview. Wait until you have won the employer over before beginning that discussion.


Verbal ticks – We all use them from time to time, “words” like “umm,” “like,” “you know”, but excessive use of it indicates nervousness. You can avoid verbal ticks by pausing for a few seconds to gather your thoughts before each response. You can also practice sharing your best success stories ahead of time, which will make you feel more relaxed during the real interview.


Not enough/too much eye contact – Eye contact shows your confidence, but can also have a negative impression. Not making enough eye contact will make you seem shifty, untruthful, or disinterested. Too much eye contact, on the other hand, can make you seem strange and make the interviewer uncomfortable. If you are worried about getting the balance right, practice an “interview-session” with a friend beforehand.


Failure to match communication styles – Allowing the interviewer to set the tone of the conversation can vastly improve your chances of making a favorable impression. If the interviewer seems all business, then you must behave business-like. If the interviewer is personable, try discussing his/her interests. If the interviewer asked a direct question, answer directly.


Provide all required placement documentation  - The interviewer will require additional documents from you in order to process your application for a placement abroad. Please bring all the requirements to the interview. Your placement consultant will inform you what to bring bring to the interview when making an appointment with you.


If you use the above suggestions in the interviews, you will win your interviewer on your side. We wish you a fast placement.

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