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GlobalBuzz SAffers 

provides information, and a way to connect via forums and live chat, for anyone with an interest in South Africa, regardless of their nationality or country of residence.


Homecoming Revolution 

is a non-profit organisation aimed at encouraging and helping South Africans living abroad to return home. 

is the international South African's online community.



is a portal for South Africans living overseas.



offers comprehensive links to South African clubs, businesses and more, across the world.


SA Promo Magazine 

is aimed at South Africans abroad.


SA Reunited 

is a South African site for tracking down your long-lost school and varsity friends - both those at home and overseas.




African Hut 

has the largest online selection of South African foods and groceries in the United States. They ship to anywhere in the country.



is for South Africans in Boston, Massachusetts.


Braai Connection 

is a social and networking club that organizes braais, adventure trips and concerts in southern California and central Florida, and offers a quarterly newsletter for all southern Africans in North America.


Braai News 

is a social club in Tampa, Florida, that offers braai get-togethers and a regular newsletter.


Madiba Restaurant and Shebeen 

is in Forte Greene, Brooklyn. The menus and wine list are all about South Africa. A percentage of the proceeds is given to, among others, the Ubuntu Education Fund, Ethembeni School of the Blind and Achilles.


New York New Jersey Springbok Club 

meets twice a month and hosts three braais a year. Check out their schedule on the website.


Out of Africa Club 

operates out of Seattle, Washington and serves ex-patriates in the Pacific Northwest. Its activities include social (picnics, braais, and wine tasting), information (lectures and speakers), and sponsorship (hosting Southern African visitors, dignitaries, and sports people).


SA Colorado 

serves fellow and ex-South Africans, whether living in or only visiting Colorado.


Saffers in the South 

is a South African Expat club based in Atlanta.


SAUSA Forums 

is a forum for South Africans in the USA with lots of useful information relating to a wide variety of subjects. Well worth a visit.


South African American Business Club 

Networking and business development forum for business professionals with South African connections living and working in the US.


South African Chamber of Commerce in America 

is a not-for-proft organisation dedicated to the encouragement, facilitation and expansion of business, trade, tourism and investments opportunties between South Africa and the Americas, and to promote sustainable economic growth and job creation.


South Africans Dallas Fort Worth 

is a site to inform those that live in the Dallas, Fort Worth metroplex and beyond for networking, socializing and support for Southern Africans.


South Africans in Austin 

arranges social events for South Africans living in the Austin area.


South Africans in Charlotte 

Club that brings together South Africans living in both North and South Carolina.


South African Expat Social Club, San Diego, California 

arranges events and activities such as winery tours, sports activities, social nights, braais, getaway tours, comedy, parties, live music and restaurant outings.


South Africans Northwest 

provides general information for South Africans and a place to interact.



is the online home of the South African Club in Portland, Oregon.


The Texaspotjie Festival 

is a well-established weekend of fun for all the family, South African style. Naturally food is an important part of the festival and competitions include The Best in Texas Boerewors contest, as well as the Texas Potjie Cook-off. There is even a church service on Sunday Afrikaans!



Canada Coffee Club 

An online bistro for immigrants coming to Canada.


Canadian Council of South Africans 

works with the High Commissioner for South Africa to encourage the growth of a vibrant and united South African community in Canada.


SACanada Forums 

is a discussion forum for prospective and existing South African Immigrants to Canada.


South Africans in Saskatoon 

provides a platform for South Africans living in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to meet up from time to time and 'celebrate our heritage'.


South Africans in Calgary 

help to coordinate network and social activities for ex-South Africans in the city.


South Africans in Nova Scotia 

is for Southern Africans, their spouses, partners and children and friends living in the Maritimes.


South Africans in Ontario

South Africans in Toronto 

is for South Africans who live in the Toronto and Greater Toronto Area (GTA).




African- Australian online resource carrying news, features, what's on, resources and links relating to Africans of diverse backgrounds in Australia.


Afrikaanse Klub Australia 

includes a newsletter and an events calendar.


SAAustralia Forums 

is a discussion forum for prospective and existing South African Immigrants to Australia.



is a magazine for South Africans in Australia.


South Africans in Adelaide 

is a group of friends who have a common interest in South Africa. They have either lived in South Africa or have some passion for the country.



Afrikaanse Klub in Nieu- Seeland 

offers, among other things, offers Southern African immigrants support, including social networks, cultural activities, and business networks.


South Africans in New Zealand 

offers new immigrants from Southern Africa an opportunity to organise groups and activities that will improve their social and professional life in New Zealand.



South Island New Zealand Association of Southern Africans




South African pub, sports, and music venue.



Everything African in the UK. News, entertainment, business, networking, discussion forums, listings of African organisations and service providers based in the UK.


Community Heart 

Manchester-based charity focused on health, education and reconstruction projects in South Africa, needing volunteers.


Ireland South Africa Business Association 

is a non-profit organisation that promotes trade and commerce between Ireland and South Africa.



Portal for South African expats offering news, jobs, e-mail, a dating service and more.


London South Africa Rugby Football Club

SA Business Club 

Allows South Africans and those with South African connections to network and pool resources.



A site for Sanzas (South Africans, Kiwis and Aussies) living in the UK.



Platform for South African businesses, whether based in SA or the UK, to promote their products and services to the South African market in the UK.


SA PROMO Magazine 

SA Promo's magazine for South Africans abroad.


SASI Events

is a networking group, made up predominantly, but not exclusively, of South African professionals living in UK.



SA Times 

the number one newspaper for the South African community in the UK and Europe.



A comprehensive directory of South African-owned businesses in the UK and across the world.


South Africans in Ireland 

provides some SA links useful for those living in the Emerald Isle.


The Africa Centre

The heart of Africa in the heart of London


The South African 

Another free newspaper, read by an estimated 80 000 South Africans throughout the UK and Europe.



Helps organise engineering, town planning, construction, nursing and other jobs in the UK for travellers from South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.


Yebo Africa 

Cheap phone calls from the UK to South African landlines and mobiles, and to Zimbabwean landlines.



is a collaborative hub for South Africans in the United Kingdom who specialise in creating the South African lifestyle. They organise meeting, connecting, networking and socialising opportunities with other South Africans.




The Bavarian Springbok Club 

is for South Africans and friends living in and around Bavaria, Germany. It was established in 1992 and meetings take place about every six weeks. Check in on the newsletter, what's on, report backs on the last event, and find useful links.



a South African Cyprus newspaper, through mass e-mailings and newsletters, reaches 6 000 South Africans in Cyprus.



Afrikaanstalige skakel in Berlyn, Duitsland (also in English).


Finland South Africa Association 

works to promote contacts between Finnish and South African individuals, as well as organisations, and to spread information about the South African population, culture and economy.


Friends of South Africa - Austria 

functions as a sounding board and a mouthpiece for all aspects of South African culture and promotes South African interests in Austria. Conversely, FoSA provides information about Austria to South Africans, both within Austria and abroad.



Brings together the Portuguese and South African communities living in South Africa and Portugal.


SA Times 

The number-one newspaper for the South African community in Europe.


Southern Africa - Netherlands - Chamber of Commerce 

is the key intermediary agency for companies, organisations and entrepreneurs doing or seeking to do business between the Netherlands, South Africa and the Southern African region.


South African Club, the Netherlands

brings South Africans and people interested in South Africa together during various events which are organized by the SA Club committee.


South Africans in Portugal 

first started in the end of 2009 as a "voice" to South African expats living in Portugal. Its main goal is to help South African expats reach out and connect with each other.


South African Social Club in Denmark

a place for people from anywhere to meet other South Africans, Danes, Swedes and any other South African-afflicted or -affiliated person.


South Africans in Austria 

for all those South Africans who find themselves in the Austrian Alps or nearby.


The South Africa House

the Netherlands, includes four institutions striving to keep the Dutch interest in South Africa alive: the Netherlands-South African Society (NZAV), the South African Institute (SAI), the Study Fund Foundation for South African Students and the Maandblad Zuid-Afrika.


The South African Society in Norway 

is a voluntary forum for the cultural and social interests of its members and other individuals or groups affiliated with South Africa in any way.


The South African Society in Sweden 

aims to bring together people who hold a common interest in South Africa, its people, its development, its natural environment and its food and wine.


SA Braai Switzerland 

organises an annual braai.


South African International Association of the Riviera 

Based in the south of France.



Shosholoza Shanghai 

includes information on SA Ladies, a community for South African women in Shanghai. There is useful information on living in the city and events.


South Africans in Saudi and Middle East

South African Social Group in Qatar 

is a vibrant website for the South African community in Doha, Qatar.


The South African Women's Association 

is an independent group of ladies dedicated to improving the lives of South African women in Dubai by way of various networking and socialising events. It is an affiliate member of the South African Business Council.


The South African Business Council 

unites business partners by offering a networking and business development forum for business professionals with South African connections living and working in the United Arab Emirates.


The Southern African Group in Oman 

is a social group catering for expatriates living and working in Oman, including people from the southern part of Africa and their friends.



Die Roepstem 

is for ex-pats from the Netherlands and Suriname and South African Afrikaners in Argentina.




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